Weights for weight loss

A lot of people who are active avoid doing weight trraining for different reasons for example a lot of women are afraid they’ll bulk up or a runner who doesn’t think weights will help his training. The truth however is that weight training is beneficial for everyone. Obviously injuries and certain conditions need to be taken into account but in general weights are a great way to help get in shape and get toned. Weight training doesn’t mean slugging it out in the gym with huge stacks of weight (although this is good too) but could simply be doing some bodyweight exercises to engage and work the muscles in a way that cardio can’t do alone.

Specifically in this article we’re going to look at weight training and how it helps with weightloss and how it compares to cardio. Weightloss is one of the most common goals in the gym, ecspecially for woman but actually that is only part of the picture. Lowering your bodyfat, dropping size and building muscle are all important too. For example just losing weight wont neccasarily help with the wobbly bits, so by adding in some resistance exercises you can really firm up the body. Also if you’re concerned about getting bulky then let me set your mind at ease. Woman have 10x less testoterone than men for a start which is a major player in ‘bulking up’ also it’s really, really hard work to bulk up unless you’re genetically inclined that way. Another factor is food, if you eat what you need to be a fit, healthy size and shape then you won’t get big.